Macintosh Retail Group profile

Retail is our business
Macintosh Retail Group is strengthening its retail position in the Fashion and Living sectors to achieve a leading market position in Western Europe. Aim is to satisfy consumer demand by employing multiple retail formats and product brands in each country in which it operates. Adopting an integrated cross-channel strategy, the best of the real and virtual retail worlds is combined. The group’s bricks-and-mortar stores and webshops bolster each other by offering consumers a range of purchasing and delivery options at any moment of purchase 24 hours a day. Friendly and skilled employees forming part of a lean and flexible organisation, state-of-the-art multimedia and other technology, as well as traditional mass media all play a key role in this respect.


Macintosh Retail Group also intends to manage the part of the supply chain not visible to the consumer, i.e. the process from raw materials to finished product in the stores. As industrial retailer, Macintosh Retail Group is an expert at achieving supply chain transparency by making agreements with all parties involved. As a result, it utilises economies-of-group to their full potential, also facilitating sustainable business operations.