staff & organisation

Staff & organisation

People form the basis for the implementation of Macintosh Retail Group's strategy. The performance of a retailer therefore depends largely on the commitment and quality of the people it employs. Macintosh Retail Group therefore sets high standards for its employees, who should also act in an entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of the organisation. Human resources policy at the various group companies is geared to retaining high quality staff and/or promoting them within the organisation. Training programmes, career and promotion opportunities form the basis to achieve these high standards. Macintosh Retail Group aims to be an attractive employer, offering its employees a challenging working environment and paying attention to personal development and initiative. Given the diversity of the store formats, each possessing its own, broad customer base, the aim is for employees to reflect this diversity. The selection and recruitment policy and training programme are geared to this end.

Macintosh Retail Group’s strategy is based on the principle that combining strengths results in economies-of-group through innovation, benefits of scale and cost savings. This means that any matters that are relevant to multiple group companies should be organised at a central level, enabling group companies to focus on their core business, which is serving customers through bricks-and-mortar stores and webshops.

If you are interested in a job at Macintosh Retail Group or one of its subsidiaries, please contact Mr. P. Geraerds
P.O. box 110, 6190 AC Maastricht-Airport
Phone No: 0031 (0)43 3280 721