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The headcount at Macintosh decreased by 370 to 10,461 (5,746 FTEs). At Fashion the headcount fell by 376 to 8,752, while the headcount at Living increased by 13 to 1,628.



Employees Fashion


 Year-end 2014Year-end 2013Average number of FTEs 2014

Average number of FTEs 2013

Fashion BeLux    
Fashion NL2   
High street2,0281,9801,0811,069
Fashion UK   
Jones Bootmaker1,4601,411589655



Employees Living


Year-end 2013Average number
of FTEs 
Average number
of FTEs 2013
Kwantum NL1,5821,575966959
Kwantum B46403936


1. Including five stores in Luxembourg and three Firelle stores in Belgium.
2. Includes head office and distribution centre employees who are allocated to the store formats.
3. Excludes “other” employees; number in 2014: 145 (2013: 169) and FTEs in 2014: 122 (2013: 153).


The holding company of Macintosh focuses on activities such as financing, consolidation, legal matters, insurance, tax matters and risk management, and provides centralised support services in the areas of social responsibility, ICT systems, investment evaluations and data analyses. The headcount at the holding company decreased by six in 2014, to 24.

In 2014, there were 47 people employed at the Macintosh Hong Kong purchasing office, which coordinates the activities of the retail formats in the areas of sourcing, purchasing, order tracking, quality controls, logistics, administrative services and social conditions in the Far East (2013: 47).

Macintosh Intragroup Services provides services in the areas of funding, treasury activities, and administration and accounting. The headcount at Macintosh Intragroup Services stood at 10 in 2014 (2013: 11).