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The headcount at Macintosh Retail Group fell from 10,922 (5,666 FTEs) in 2012 to 10,831 (5,761 FTEs) in 2013. Fashion saw a decrease in headcount from 9,218 to 9,128, while headcount at Living remained nearly the same.

At Macintosh Hong Kong, the headcount was stable at 47, while Macintosh Intragroup Services had 11 employees in 2013 (2012: 10). The headcount at Macintosh Retail Group NV fell by three, and stood at 30.



Employees Fashion


 Year-end 2013Year-end 2012

Average number of FTEs 2013

Average number of FTEs  2012
Fashion BeLux    
Fashion NL2   
High street1,9802,0391,0691,092
Fashion UK   
Jones Bootmaker31,4111,489655623
Fashion Other81746967
Fashion total9,1289,2184,6824,600


1 Includes five stores in Luxembourg and three (2012: four) Firelle stores in Belgium.

2 Includes head office and distribution centre employees who are allocated to the store formats.
3 Based on new insights, the headcount at Jones Bootmaker in 2012 was adjusted from 1,857 to 1,489.


Employees Living


      Year-end 2013Year-end 2012

Average number of FTEs  2013

Average number of FTEs 2012
Kwantum NL1,5751,566959938
Kwantum B40483643
Living total1,6151,614995981