general meeting of shareholders


The main powers of the General Meeting of Shareholders are to appoint Super-visory Board members on the recommendation of the Supervisory Board, adopt the financial statements and appropriate the portion of the net profit not added to the reserves, endorse the Managing Board’s conduct of the company’s affairs and the Supervisory Board’s supervision thereof, resolve on amendments to the Articles of Association and proposals for the dissolution or liquidation of the company, issue shares or rights to shares, limit or exclude pre-emption rights of shareholders, and grant the right to repurchase and cancel shares. In addition, decisions of the Managing Board concerning a major change to the identity or nature of Macintosh Retail Group are subject to the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Each shareholder is entitled to attend and address the General Meeting of Shareholders and exercise his or her voting rights, either in person or by written proxy, provided that he or she satisfies the requirements of the Articles of Association. At the General Meeting of Shareholders, each share carries the right to one vote, with all resolutions being passed by an absolute majority of the votes validly cast, unless a larger majority is required by law or the Articles of Association.


In general, the draft minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders are made available to the shareholders by publishing them on the website no later than three months after the meeting. During the following three months, shareholders are entitled to comment on the minutes, after which the minutes are finalised by the Chairman and the Secretary of the General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association. The final minutes are placed on this website.


To view the agenda and explanatory notes of the General Meetings of Shareholders, please click here.