the managing board

Duties and powers

Under the Articles of Association, the Managing Board consists of one or more members, who are appointed by the Supervisory Board. Members of the Managing Board can be suspended and dismissed by the Supervisory Board. The remuneration and other employment terms and conditions of members of the Managing Board are set by the Supervisory Board, taking into account the remuneration policy adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders.


The role of the Managing Board is to manage Macintosh Retail Group, which means, among other things, that it is responsible for achieving Macintosh Retail Group’s objects, the strategy and associated risk profile, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, managing the risks related to business activities, the development of results, the financing of Macintosh Retail Group, the deployment of people and resources and the corporate social responsibility issues that are relevant to Macintosh Retail Group.


Each member is responsible for a number of specific areas based on a division of duties. The Regulations of the Managing Board lay down the division of duties and the working practices of the Managing Board, as well as the procedures for dealings with, the provision of information and accountability to the Supervisory Board, the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Central Works Council and the external auditor. These regulations can be found on the website
Each member of the Managing Board is authorised to represent the company independently.


The Managing Board keeps the Supervisory Board up to date on the performance of the company. It also discusses all important matters with the Supervisory Board and submits important decisions to it for approval. The Managing Board discusses these decisions specified in legislation or in the company’s Articles of Association with the General Meeting of Shareholders, and requests the Meeting’s prior approval for these decisions where necessary. The Managing Board promptly provides the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders with all the information required for the performance of their duties.