the managing board


Members of the Managing Board participate in Macintosh Retail Group's share option plan. Options have a term of five years and are granted unconditionally on the understanding that the optionholders will not exercise the options within three years of the date of grant.


For a recent overview of options granted to the managing board, please view the page  shareholder info -> share options -> outstanding options.

No member of the Managing Board holds shares in Macintosh Retail Group NV. The members of the Managing Board are subject to the Insider Trading Regulations of Macintosh Retail Group, which have been approved by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets [Autoriteit Financiële Markten - AFM], with respect to shares of Macintosh Retail Group and other securities referred to in those regulations.


To download the Insider Trading Regulations of Macintosh Retail Group, please click here.


Under Dutch law, members of the Managing Board are required to notify the AFM of all transactions involving the shares of Macintosh Retail Group carried out by or on behalf of them. The AFM publishes the notified transactions on its website

In 2004, Macintosh Retail Group drew up regulations on the private investments held by members of the Managing Board. The key provision of these regulations is the requirement to report all investments held in listed companies with which Macintosh Retail Group has a significant relationship or regarding which it is likely that the director, given his position, has certain information that enables him to form a better

assessment of the company's affairs than one based only on public information.


To download the Regulations on Private Investments (in Dutch), please click here.