Whistleblowers' regulation

All employees of Macintosh Retail Group are asked to immediately report all serious violations of the law and regulations, of the Code of Conduct or of any other guidelines applying to Macintosh Retail Group, as well as all suspicious or fraudulent practices, for example in the accounting records, theft or the acceptance of bribes. Macintosh Retail Group will not tolerate that an employee who reports a violation on the basis of a reasonable suspicion suffers any adverse consequences as a result of the notification as such. All notifications will be treated in the strictest confidence and investigated as soon as possible.


The rules applying at Macintosh Retail Group regarding the procedure for reporting violations and how such matters are then to be treated are laid down in the whistleblowers' regulation, which can be downloaded (in Dutch) by clicking here.

In accordance with the whistleblowers' regulation, notifications to the Managing Board are to be submitted in writing to the Compliance Officer,
Mr P.T.A. Hünen, Company Secretary: Macintosh Retail Group NV
P.O. Box 5770
6202 MH Maastricht
+31 (0)43 3280728