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Forward-looking statements

This website contains a number of forward-looking statements and expectations. These statements, which can be reflected in a number of different ways, refer to future events. They are based on current expectations, estimates and forecasts made by the management of Macintosh Retail Group, as well as on information currently available to the group. These expectations and forecasts are subject to change and Macintosh Retail Group’s actual results may differ substantially from expectations as described on this website, due to potential risks, uncertainties and other significant factors which Macintosh Retail Group is not always able to control and which are neither manageable nor predictable. In the light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, there is even a possibility that the future events described on the website will not actually take place. Macintosh Retail Group cannot therefore guarantee that the expectations expressed on this website will be realised.


These factors, risks and uncertainties include the following non-exhaustive list: changes in economic and commercial circumstances, changing consumer preferences, introductions of new retail formats or concepts, products and services, government policy in general and amendments to legislation and regulations in particular, changing competition in the markets in which Macintosh Retail Group operates, financing of the business activities, efficiency and cost control, exchange rate changes, interest rate fluctuations, uncertain political situations, tax rates, acquisitions, joint ventures and disposals. For further details of risks, uncertainties and other factors which may affect the results, performance or success of Macintosh Retail Group, reference is made to the chapter risk management under company profile.


The statements made on this website reflect the situation as at March 1, 2013 and Macintosh Retail Group accepts no obligation to update the statements or publish any changes, due to new information becoming available, future events or any other factors, unless it is obliged to do so under imperative rules of governing law. For additional information on this matter, reference is made to the public announcements made by Macintosh Retail Group following the date of this website.