Increase in turnover with 14.3 million (+ 1.3%)

Consumer sales (including franchisee sales and VAT) amounted to € 1,345.2 million in 2010 (2009: € 1,326.3 million). Of total turnover, 71% was generated in the Netherlands, 16% in Belgium / Luxembourg and 13% in the UK / France.


The net turnover of Macintosh Retail Group was € 14.3 million higher (up 1.3%), the effect of an increase in Fashion’s turnover, virtually unchanged turnover of Automotive & Telecom, and a small reduction in Living’s. The rise in the Group’s turnover was the net result of an increase at comparable stores, a favourable exchange rate effect due to the rise in the British pound, and the consequences of operating fewer stores.


For the first half-year, Macintosh Retail Group’s turnover was € 5.7 million down on the same period of 2009.
In Fashion, turnover was € 1.8 million higher, the combined effect of higher turn­over at Brantano BeLux, Brantano UK and Nea International, unchanged turnover at Hoogenbosch compared with the level for 2009, and lower turnover at Scapino compared with 2009.
Living’s turnover for the first half-year was € 6.1 million down, owing to pressure on the home decoration market.
The turnover of the Automotive & Telecom sector for the first six months showed virtually no change compared with the same period of 2009, the net result of Automotive’s marginal increase, and Telecom’s small decline.


"Increase in turnover at Fashion"

Turnover in the second half of the year rose € 20 million (up 3.4%) to reach € 600.0 million. In the third quarter, the increase was € 10.5 million (up 3.5%) and in the fourth, € 9.5 million (up 3.4 %), compared with a relatively good fourth quarter in 2009.
Fashion showed an increase of 7.9%, much more markedly than that of the first half-year (up 0.6%). This was partly due to the early onset of winter weather favourable for shoe retailers. All shoe formats achieved higher turnover in the second half of 2010, with Hoogenbosch and Brantano BeLux as leaders, and Scapino and Brantano UK as strong runners-up.
Living had to face unchanged poor market conditions, the cause of the 2.9% drop in turnover.
Despite higher turnover at BelCompany and telefoonkopen.nl, the turnover of Auto­motive & Telecom was € 0.9 million below the figure for 2009. This was mainly a consequence of the fact that the 15 Belgian Discovery Stores sold in November 2009 still accounted for part of the 2009 turnover. Halfords had four stores fewer than in 2009.


All store formats invested in their online activities during 2010. As a result, the web shops of Macintosh Retail Group are among the best technologically and commercially, with logistic processes that function excellently. This was reflected in online sales of some € 19.5 million which were up more than 30% compared to 2009, with the market expanding by more than 14%. Macintosh Retail Group is the largest online shoe retailer in the Netherlands. 


Change in turnover

Amounts in € millionFull year 
 20102009% +/-
Fashion1607.7581.6+ 7.9
Living236.1245.6- 2.9
Automotive & Telecom287.1289.4- 0.6
Total1,130.91,116.6+ 3.4

1 Excludes exchange rate effects: increase of 3.6% in turnover of Fashion.