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The shares in Macintosh have been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange since 1962. The shares are traded under ticker symbol MACIN and ISIN code NL 0000367993, with Reuters symbol MCIN.AS and Bloomberg symbol MACIN.NA.
Macintosh’s authorised share capital amounts to € 36.0 million, divided into 45 million ordinary shares and 45 million preference shares of € 0.40 nominal value each.
The number iof outstanding ordinary shares is 26,776,779 after the emission on July 15, 4014. 

Macintosh Retail Group N.V. holds 1,239,000 (4.63%) treasury shares.
Preference shares are registered, with special profit entitlements being attributed to them in accordance with the Articles of Association. No preference shares are issued.