investor relations

Investor relations

Macintosh Retail Group’s IR policy aims to actively provide accurate, up-to-date and relevant information to shareholders and all other stakeholders, inside and outside the Netherlands. The responsibility for Investor Relations lies with the CEO, who develops and implements the strategy in this area in collaboration with the CFO and the Company Secretary.

Macintosh Retail Group has drawn up a Disclosure Policy (click here) setting out the rules on handling and disclosing information to third parties. Restricted periods run from December 1 of a given year to the date of publication of the full annual results for the year concerned, from June 1 to the date of publication of the half-year results for the half-year concerned, and during a two-week period prior to the publication of the quarterly reviews. 


The website contains all press releases and annual reports, information on meetings of shareholders, as well as other information made available by Macintosh Retail Group in the context of corporate governance and statutory requirements, including a list of documents published in the 2013 financial year and registered or filed with the AFM. The staff magazine Macinform is also available on the website. This website can also be used to subscribe to our email service mailing list for immediate notification by email of the publication of press releases.