code of conduct

Code of conduct

In 2000, Macintosh Retail Group was one of the front-runners in the Netherlands in issuing a Code of Conduct, a set of values and principles to be taken into account in business operations. The Code was revised in early 2009 and reintroduced to employees and business partners. It serves as a basis for embedding all rules of conduct, guidelines, procedures and processes in the organisation.


Compliance with this Code of Conduct is discussed regularly at meetings between the Managing Board and group company boards. Each year, the group company boards are requested to confirm compliance with the Code of Conduct. Some group companies have drawn up their own codes, based on Macintosh Retail Group’s Code of Conduct, tailored to their own situations. A light version of the Code is set out in the ‘Macintosh ground rules”, a copy of which has been presented to every employee.


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“Values and principles are
  embedded in Code of Conduct”


The following Macintosh Retail Group core business values are set out in this Code of Conduct.


  • Internal and external collaboration is based on mutual respect and acting honestly and with due care.
  • Macintosh refuses to have relationships or do business with countries, individuals or companies that behave unacceptably in social terms.
  • Macintosh assesses the safety, quality and integrity of relationships, products and production processes.
  • The aim is to ensure careful nurturing of natural resources and the living environment, as well as using raw materials and energy responsibly.
  • Building a long-term and profitable relationship with as many customers as possible is vital. Our products and services therefore meet the customer’s justified requirements.
  • Employees can rely on a healthy working environment, a fair remuneration policy and opportunities for individual development.
  • Our shareholders own the company. We promote their interests, while reporting on this in a transparent manner.
  • Laws and regulations are strictly complied with, allowing for local culture, customs and opinions.
“Whistleblowers regulation on

Macintosh Retail Group cannot achieve its social ambitions without the commitment of all employees. This implies that employees are expected to perform no acts that conflict, or could conflict, with the Code of Conduct, or which could harm the interests of Macintosh Retail Group. Manifest non-compliance with this Code of Conduct will result in repercussions against the employee concerned. Macintosh Retail Group, in turn, undertakes to invest in training opportunities, a safe working environment and good labour relations. It also offers employees attractive and competitive employment terms and conditions.


Employees are given the possibility of reporting irregularities, or alleged irregularities, of a general, operational and financial nature in Macintosh Retail Group without jeopardising their legal position or position within the company. To this end, Macintosh Retail Group has a whistleblowers’ regulation in place.


To download the whistleblowers' regulation (in Dutch) click here