Initiatives 2011

Nea International develops innovative collection of insoles

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Nea International’s knowledge of the human body and material expertise formed the foundation of the innovative development of a new collection of insoles called PSB Shoe Insoles. These insoles, made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, are available at Brantano, Dolcis, Invito, Manfield, PRO and Scapino.


100% recyclable and biodegradable

The concept behind the development of the insoles was to combine functionality with the use of natural materials. The use of plant-based and animal fibres improves the functional properties of the insoles. These materials, which are both people and environmentally friendly, absorb more moisture, are comfortable to wear and provide greater air permeability. These qualities give PSB Shoe Insoles a major advantage over other insoles on the market. The PSB insole is constructed of two layers, each with specific properties that contribute to greater comfort and improved functionality.


Formats Macintosh Retail Group fur-free

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Kwantum, Scapino, Dolcis, Invito, Manfield, PRO, Shick* and Steve Madden recently joined ranks with the Bont voor Dieren (Fur for Animals) foundation. By signing the Consumers For a Fur-Free Society (CFFS) declaration, they guarantee that all products they sell comply with fur-free guidelines. This commitment reflects the vision of the formulas to help create a better world without animal suffering.


Environmentally unfriendly
The use of fur is not only unnecessary, but also has a negative impact on the environment. The reason is because most fur comes from fur breeders and involves all the usual problems of intensive animal farming, including foul odours, ammonia and fine dust problems. To prevent rotting, fur is also treated with all kinds of environmentally harmful substances.


Collaboration between Macintosh Retail Group and tft

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Workshops for ‘sustainable’ leather and shoe store chains

Macintosh Retail Group has been working together with TFT since 1999. In 2010, the collaboration resulted in the establishment of the Leather & Shoe Group, which aims to make the leather and shoe industry more transparent, promote sustainable business practices, and establish an industry standard similar to FSC certifi¬cation for tropical hardwoods. In 2011 workshops were organised by Macintosh Retail Group in Guangzhou (China), London and Den Bosch as part of collaboration efforts.


Like all products, every pair of shoes has an ’ecological footprint’. This footprint is a global measurement of sustainability, in which all aspects involved in the creation of the product are examined. Ensuring a healthy eco-footprint requires transparency throughout the entire chain. The average pair of shoes can contain as many as 150 different components of different origins. Natural materials are often wrongly viewed as ecologically responsible, while synthetic materials are considered environmentally unfriendly by definition. But the fact is that both have an impact on our environment, but the ultimate goal is to find the right balance between the materials used, the processing of those materials and recycling options.


Strength in numbers
The workshops enable Macintosh Retail Group and TFT to gain broader support, ultimately leading to the following desired results:

• transparency throughout the entire chain;
• improved sustainability throughout the chain;
• increased awareness on the part of consumers;
• mapping out the best practices in order to arrive at uniform certification guidelines.


Jones Bootmaker rises to the top

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The National Three Peaks Challenge is a well known adventurous challenge which involves walking the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within 24 hours. A team from Jones Bootmaker climbed the three highest UK peaks and raised money for three charities: Footwear Friends, Help for Heroes and Headway.

“Peter Smale from Jones Bootmaker: We started the ascent of Ben Nevis at 6am Saturday morning and it probably took us 3 hours to reach the summit. Being the highest peak in the UK we were not surprised to find snow at the top! From Ben Nevis we drove to Scafell Pike in the Lake District. Time was getting on and although we ascended in daylight we made our descent in darkness, hence the head torches. This was undoubtedly the most difficult part of the challenge - it was raining and the conditions were slippery, so keeping one’s footing was a skill in itself. However we all managed to survive in one piece before heading off for Snowdon. We all completed the challenge and feel a great sense of personal achievement. It was a team effort where we all supported each other, and were motivated by not letting our colleagues down and completing the challenge to raise money for three very good causes”.


Pump it up with shick*

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The shoe brand Shick* launched a design competition for charity together with the magazine CosmoGIRL! Cosmo ‘girls’ were invited to design the ultimate party pump. For every pair of pumps sold, Shick* will donate to Plan. Girls first. Plan promotes the rights of girls and aims to help create a world in which girls have the same rights and opportunities as boys, so that all children can develop as equals.


Chest full of shoes
The most creative, fashionable and Shick*-a-like design will be chosen by a jury of experts as the ultimate party pump and, as the crowning touch, will be put into production!
The pumps will be available in all participating Shick* shops in the Netherlands and online at starting in the spring of 2012.



Plan is convinced that both girls and boys can have a better future if girls are not allowed to fall behind. After all, society can only achieve a proper balance even its girls are allowed to develop to their full potential. Only when girls are allowed to explore their strengths will poverty be a thing of the past.


Energy-saving lighting in all Scapino shops

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All Scapino shops in the Netherlands have been fitted with low-energy Philips TLD Eco fluorescent lights that offer energy savings of 15%.


A total of 57,500 energy-saving TLD lights were installed in the 200 Scapino shops. Together, these lights will result in an annual savings of around 1.4 million kWh and around 600 tonnes of CO2. By way of illustration: 30,000 trees have to grow for 1 year to remove this amount of CO2 from the atmosphere.



Kika benefits from old shoes

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Dolcis, Invito, Manfield, PRO and Scapino together organised a large-scale ‘old shoe trade-in campaign’ for the Dutch charity KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij) that supports research into childhood cancers. The campaign was a huge success and KiKa ultimately reaped the benefits.


In the battle against childhood cancer extra money means more research can be conducted, new therapies can become available more quickly, and better treatment and higher recovery rates from childhood cancer can be achieved. A total of more than €50,000 was ultimately donated to KiKa.


Macintosh Retail Group joins the Clean Shipping Network

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Shipping is an efficient manner of goods transport and more and more technical solutions are available to reduce the environmental impact of shipping traffic. To direct more focus on the environmental aspects of the shipping industry, the collaborative ‘Clean Shipping Project’ was established with the support of the European Union.


One of the most important results of this collaboration is the development of the ‘Clean Shipping Index’. This index provides details on all emissions from ships, such as CO2, NOx and SOx, as well as possible contamination by substances used on board. Depending on the criteria entered by the user, individual ships and shipping companies are clearly ranked in order. As a member of the ‘Clean Shipping Network’, Macintosh Retail Group can access this valuable information and, in this way, easily compare shipping companies in order to make the most environmentally sound choices.


Brantano UK ‘New for Old’ campaign

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The nationwide campaign, New for Old’ last spring emphasised Brantano UK’s corporate social responsibility. For each and every pair of shoes that are handed in, Brantano donated 20 pence towards Tommy’s, The UK National Baby Charity.


A new life for old shoes
Tommy’s strive to give babies the best possible chance of a healthy birth by funding and pioneering invaluable research into the causes of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.


In addition to the donation the unwanted old shoes were delivered directly to African traders who will repair, clean and polish the shoes back to their best. The shoes can then be sold locally for an amount, which although modest, helps maintain and strengthen this essential cottage industry.