Initiatives 2012

Macintosh Retail Group qualifies as forerunner in ‘Stop Child Labour’

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Unfortunately, it is still possible to buy shoes in the Netherlands that are made by children. This was the finding of research conducted by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS) and the Stop Child Labour campaign. Laboratory and field research conducted by SOMO shows that, in countries like Brazil, China, Vietnam and India, children aged 12, 13 and 14 play a role in the production of shoes for top international brands. They tan and process leather, glue soles and stitch together parts.
Macintosh Retail Group felt that the research results gave reason to discuss the desired actions in detail with HIVOS, among others. The conclusion was that Macintosh Retail Group clearly qualifies as a forerunner among Dutch shoe retailers, although there is still a ways to go in making the supply chain more transparent.

Growing and improving
Macintosh Retail Group aims to grow while at the same time improving the impact of its actions on people and the environment. Transparency is key to achieving it.



Brantano Belux brings PSB Shoe Insoles into the limelight

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PSB’s insoles, made entirely of renewable and biodegradable materials, sold like hotcakes during Brantano’s special PSB Shoe Insoles campaign. The first collaboration between our subsidiaries Nea International, manufacturer of PSB Insoles, and Brantano was an immediate success. Specially instructed staff used a spontaneous sales approach for the insoles. Customers were not only enthusiastic about the campaign, but also responded positively to the specific properties of PSB Shoe Insoles.


Kwantum commits to responsible forest management

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This past autumn Kwantum signed the Declaration of Intent for a Sustainable Wood Retail Sector 2012-2014. The initiators of the document, the World Wildlife Foundation, FSC Netherlands and the Sustainable Trade Initiative, aim to get as many retailers as possible to sign the declaration. By signing this declaration of intent, Kwantum, together with the other parties signing the document, is clearly taking responsibility to help prevent illegal logging and committing with unabated ambition to responsible and sustainable forest management.


Brantano Belux gets young people moving

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It is a well-known fact that today’s youth are spending less and less time on exercise. That is why, for many years, Brantano Belux has been supporting the ‘Veldloopweek voor Scholen’ (cross-country event for schools), an event that encourages young people to play more sports and get more exercise. This annual event is organised in almost every municipality and has grown to be one of the largest physical education events in Belgium. More than 200,000 students from nearly 300 municipalities took part in the cross-country race, a record number.


Macintosh Retail Group joins forces with Diabetes Fund Netherlands and

creates an affordable comfort shoe for people with diabetes

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Approximately one million people in the Netherlands have diabetes. Across Europe, there are millions more. This makes diabetes one of the most common diseases in the world. Many people with diabetes develop foot-related complications and require specially adapted footwear. However, a substantial number of diabetics with the early signs of foot problems manage perfectly well with more affordable, off-the-peg shoes. Macintosh Retail Group has decided to put its expertise and network to good use to help Diabetes Fund Netherlands.


Manfield has a big heart for the Netherlands Heart Foundation!

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Being and staying healthy is important to us all. That is why we should take a moment to reflect on the leading cause of death among women, cardiovascular disease, and on how to combat it. Manfield has therefore decided to devote the entire month of September to Hartstichting, the Netherlands Heart Foundation. 

From the sale of every red bag or pair of red shoes, Manfield will donate 10 euros to this organisation.


‘Macintosh Fashion Store Tour': getting on our bikes for charity

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This spring, a new dimension was added to the collaborative efforts of the store formulas in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Macintosh Fashion Belux management team thought the time was ripe for Macintosh, as market leader and as ‘one family’, to forge closer ties with the charity sector. To that end, Stefaan van Weyenbergh, Anick den Hollander, Nico Bondroit and Peter De Smedt, responsible for Brantano, Schoenencircus, the Belgian stores of Scapino, Firelle and Muys, launched ‘Macintosh Fashion Store Tour’, a charity event in which everyone was encouraged to participate. Employees from every store, head office and central warehouse were invited to nominate a local charity, pledging €250 to each goodwill organisation.

Do your part and submit a green TIP

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Sustainable business has been a high priority at Macintosh Retail Group for years. Not just the retail formulas, but also employees, suppliers and other business relations can actively contribute to these sustainable endeavours. Everyone can do their part and it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Take the time in your own environment to give some thought to such things as: how products at the shop are made or how you can save energy at the office. We’re very curious about what you think is important and how you do your part. So send your ‘green tip’ to We will see if your ‘green tip’ can be shared with others in the next issue of Macinform.


Do a Good Deed with Your Old Shoes

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Inspired by Brantano BeLux’s successful initiative, in 2008 Scapino launched the ‘Goed Doen Met je Oude Schoen’ (Do a Good Deed with Your Old Shoes) initiative in the Netherlands. A charitable initiative that now, four years later, has grown into a very well-regarded initiative, the proceeds from which are donated to KiKa, a children’s cancer charity.
KiKa does fundraising for research to help speed up the availability of therapies that allow better treatment and recovery for children with cancer. Not only Scapino, but also Dolcis, Manfield, Invito and PRO are participating in the initiative once again and this year and Steve Madden have joined in as well.


The starting shot was given for the 2012 Old Shoes initiative when the cheque was handed over to KiKa with the proceeds from 2011, to the sum of €155,035. This year the participating shops have set the bar a bit higher still...


100% green electricity at all Dutch branches

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By signing an agreement to purchase 100% green electricity, the Macintosh Retail Group is taking the next step towards a cleaner environment and reduced CO² footprint. The nearly 700 shops, head offices and distribution centres in the Netherlands will use 100% green electricity through 2014. Since this is a move worthy of recognition, the Macintosh Retail Group was recently awarded the official ‘green certificate’.


Green electricity is generated in a sustainable manner from natural sources like wind, hydropower and biomass, unlike ‘grey’ electricity, which is generated from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal.


‘Fair trade’ shoes at scapino

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Shoes. They protect our feet, are essential for playing sports, and are an important part of fashion trends. But the buying and selling of shoes also leaves an ecological footprint. By devoting attention to the production methods and materials used for shoes, we can ultimately ensure that our footprint is a conscientious one.


Since 2005 Scapino has monitored the production chain for its shoes. The social conditions of factory workers, minimum wage, forced and child labour are also ascertained. Scapino works together with two large organisations for the monitoring and implementation of improvements in the production chain: The Forest Trust (TFT) and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).


Collaboration with TFT and BSCI has enabled Scapino to offer a collection of ‘fair trade’ shoes. This means the shoes are produced in a sustainable manner, with a focus on environmental impact and social conditions.

Jones Bootmaker & Brantano UK against fur

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Compassionate consumers want to shop with confidence. They make ethical choices and want to be confident that neither they, nor their chosen retailer, are contributing to the suffering of over 50 million animals killed for their fur, every year, in the name of fashion. Opinion polls conducted over the last 10 years have consistently shown that more than 70% of people in the UK reject fur and only 4% own anything made from fur.


Although Brantano UK has never sold real fur, both Jones Bootmaker and Brantano signed, in addition to the Dutch shop formulas of Macintosh Retail Group, the Fur Free commitment to demonstrate and to communicate in a transparent and reliable manner that no real fur is used in their products. A reliable assurance for customers in the UK that anything they purchase will be fur free.


Macintosh Retail Group determines ecological footprint

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Successful business results and corporate social responsibility are very compatible. This vision formed the basis of the establishment of the Corporate Responsibility & Innovation Action Team (CRIATE) in 2009. Since then, the Macintosh Retail Group has assumed its responsibility to determine and reduce its own social and ecological footprint, as well as that of its customers and supply chains.


Corporate social responsibility means not only conducting business that takes the world around us, i.e. our environment, into account, but also the well-being of those with whom we have a direct or indirect relationship. Our core activity is retail. To put it simply, the buying and selling of products for and by people. This description was the starting point when the Macintosh Retail Group formulated concrete objectives for the coming years and established them in the CRIATE 2.0 sustainability programme. Classifying these objectives into three recognisable groups – purchasing, sales and employees – renders the connection between them both transparent and tangible. This also increases the involvement level of employees in all efforts and more clearly expresses the basic principle of the Macintosh Retail Group: ‘Responsible Products for All’.


Sustainable chain management analysis

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In assessing the candidates for the 'Sustainable Chain Management Award 2011', 40 stock listed Dutch companies were analysed by the Vereniging van Beleggers voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development). The analysis examined publicly reported policy and performance in terms of sustainable chain management. Collaboration within chains is becoming a greater necessity in order to achieve commercial and sustainable improvements.


The chain management analysis was conducted at the companies using the association’s ‘Responsible Supply Chain Benchmark’. This benchmark converts the sustainability-related efforts of listed companies into a score. Judging by the resulting scores, the Macintosh Retail Group showed an above-average increase within its chain management.